Dolly Parton & Carl Dean | 57 years

Even though Dolly Parton is responsible for writing some of the world’s greatest love songs, including 1973’s I Will Always Love You, she and her husband Carl Thomas Dean like to keep their romance extremely private. Indeed, they are rarely photographed or interviewed together!

They have been together since 1964, and the singer expressed that her husband is a quiet and reserved man who doesn’t want to be in the limelight. Still, her husband’s privacy may just be the secret to keeping their romance strong. After 57 years together, Parton said she and her husband keep the electricity and sparks alive by having spontaneous and simple dates from time to time. She also added that Dean always thinks of creative ways to make her feel special. He would give her a bouquet and usually write her a little poem, which, according to Parton, is priceless.