Would you believe Jenna Jameson is now 47 years old? The model, actress, businesswoman, and TV personality has made a huge investment in her beauty that she has successfully maintained her beauty and physique. Despite having three kids, the film star still looks incredible, losing 85 pounds of weight. What is her secret?

Jameson has been swearing by the effectiveness of the keto diet. She restricts her caloric intake, avoids unneeded sugar, carbs, and fast food. The ageless beauty also does sit-ups in bed to tone her body, taking advantage of the time when her kids sleep. Jameson said being skinny is not her real goal. What she opts for is to have a healthy body and be well-fed. She also added that though she would often choose organic foods, she is practical when it comes to her keto diet. Jameson still treats herself with the food that she wants without indulging too much.