Billy Crystal & Janice Goldfinger | 55 years

Billy Crystal has been happily married to Janice Goldfinger for five decades! His romantic life has been as colorful as his career, and his marriage is deemed as one of the very rare long-lasting romances in Hollywood. During an interview, he said that their first date was in 1966, and four years later, they decided to tie the knot. Crystal pointed out that his wife is perfect for him, and he feels lucky about finding the right person at only age 18.

Aside from that, he shared that laughing together a lot was the secret to a loving relationship. They have grown together and went through challenges, from parenting to grandparenting, and made it through because of love. The comedian also expressed they still find interesting things to talk about in good times and bad and credits his wife for being even more “beautiful now than any other time in her life.”