Ann-Margret had made many men and women fall in love with her incredible beauty when she started in the business in the 1960s. She used to make a lot of movies back then, earning her several accolades, honors, and more. The actress’ singing and acting careers have gone on for about six decades, and despite being at the age of 80, she remains active in the business.

he still gets credits for being the “forever enigmatic girl next door.” Well, how could she not be? Ann-Margret just managed to be with the biggest stars like then, and she did dance with Elvis Presley, who was said to be her opposite for having a sultry and vibrant contralto voice. Despite her age, the actress said aging is not “lost youth.” For her, it is a new stage of opportunity and strength. She is just thankful that she is still here after everything that she has been through, which makes Ann-Margret all the more beautiful.