Halle Berry – Net Worth: $88.2 million

Being a woman of color poses specific challenges in Hollywood, but Halle Berry was able to overcome many such obstacles. She currently holds the record of being the only Black woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Monster’s Ball. As a testament to her abilities, she continued appearing in high-profile movies like X-Men, Die Another Day, and Gothika.

Many ask, though, where the actress lives. Like many celebrities, Berry values her privacy, so he has chosen Malibu’s rather exclusive location. She bought the place for $8 million and has plenty of room for her two children. It also features an open floor plan, allowing the actress to remodel as necessary. The house has four bedrooms, and with the high quality of work done, there is no need for plumbing services anytime soon. The mansion’s garage is also where Berry keeps her favorite Lexus RX 400H.