Several celebrity couples have stood the test of time, but some celebrity couples have burned hot and flamed out of the public consciousness. Separation is painful enough, but when kids are involved, it becomes even more so. When a person’s lifestyle must change to accommodate someone else, certain people thrive while others struggle. Being married with children can become too much over time, and it is evident that celebrities are still just human.

Celebrities may have relationship problems as well, but for very different reasons. When you add in adoring fans, long-distance relationships, and various endeavors and investments, it’s no wonder that their view of truth can be affected. Yes, there are plenty of couples out there (even in Hollywood!) who understand that the secret to co-parenting is for parents to prioritize their child’s well-being over their own. After all, celebrity breakups are not always full of drama. From Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale to Adele and Simon Konecki, here are some former celebrity couples who seem to have worked out how to prioritize co-parenting for the sake of their children.

Michael Sheen & Kate Beckinsale

Michael Sheen is a Golden Globe-nominated actor who has appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters, including the Twilight franchise. Along his degree of notoriety is a string of heartaches, including the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. Many wonder what went wrong between them and why they didn’t marry. The couple first met during the filming of the 1995 film The Seagull and started dating soon after. The Hollywood couple was head over heels in love, with Beckinsale claiming that meeting Sheen changed her life dramatically.

Despite being in a romance for almost a decade and having a child together, the two never got married. In one of her interviews, Beckinsale revealed that her “single status” made her feel embarrassed at the time. Even after their separation, the couple has stayed close and remained on good terms throughout the years. In fact, they often share photos of themselves and their now 22-year-old daughter Lily.

Michael Douglas & Diandra Luker

Though we recognize him as the husband of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas was married to Diandra Luker for 18 years. She met the actor while he was promoting his film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Then 19 years old, Luker had no idea who Douglas was, but they struck up a talk that led to two days together and an engagement just two weeks later. They married in March 1977 and welcomed their boy, Cameron, the following year.

However, there was a rift between Douglas and Luker at some stage, and their relationship came crashing down on them. The pair split up in 1995, with Luker receiving a $45 million payout, some investments, and alimony. Despite their split, they were able to put their differences aside for Cameron. They are now proud grandparents to two kids, whom Cameron shares with Brazilian model Viviane Thibes.

Mel B & Eddie Murphy

He built a degree as one of the most defining comedians of the 80s for his groundbreaking stand-up comedy style. She was a member of a female group that influenced a generation with their rallying promises to put girl power in the spotlight. Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy are two well-known public figures from the last four decades, but the two share a lot more than we realize. They dated for nearly a year and have a child together, but they have kept the particulars of their relationship under wraps.

Brown felt “blissed out” at the start of her relationship with Murphy and ready to start her life with the man she would later describe as a “homebody” who valued family. Their love resulted in the birth of Angel Iris Murphy Brown in 2007. Murphy had initially kept his joy hidden from the press, icily reacting to Brown’s pregnancy announcement by saying that he needed evidence that Angel was his. Angel grew up with Brown because she had sole custody, but Murphy is now making amends with the now-13-year-old Angel.

Mary Lee Harvey & Steve Harvey

Being married to a celebrity has both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are usually more significant, mainly if you are not as well-known as Steve Harvey. Sadly, Mary Lee belongs to those whose lives changed dramatically due to their spouses’ degree of fame. Mary Lee met Steve when he was still performing as a stand-up comedian in Arlington, Texas. They hit it off right away and fell in love at first sight.

Their marriage went on for years, and they welcomed a son, Wynton Harvey, in 1997. Sadly, they had problems that resulted in their legal separation in 2005. They had a custody dispute over Wynton, who was eight years old, and in 2011, Steve won the fight and brought his son with him. Wynton is currently a student at Atlanta’s Savannah College of Art and Design. He is also a filmmaker and a fashion icon who has dabbled in modeling.

Martha & Andrew Stewart

Even though Martha’s enormous popularity has kept her name in the public eye for years, most people are probably unaware of Andrew Stewart’s existence. Andrew was earning his law degree at Yale when he met the professional model. The two were paired up on a blind date and fell in love at first glance. They dated for a year and tied the knot after. Andy is the “brains” behind Martha’s early career success, but their marriage was not as long-lasting and ended after 29 years.

The couple shares a child, Alexis Stewart. While she is best known as the daughter of a well-known entrepreneur, she has developed a separate name from her mother’s fame. Alexis is a former radio and television anchor best regarded for her shows Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer and Whatever, Martha. Alexis has remained out of the spotlight since her children’s birth, focusing on raising her kids.

Marie Osmond & Brian Blosil

Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil had been together for over 20 years and had seven children together, so their separation became a shock to fans. Their marriage lasted from 1986 to 2007 and seemed to last forever. Osmond is a pop culture phenomenon known for her music career, various acting credits, and her short stint on The Talk. Blosil, on the other hand, worked as a record producer and appeared in one short film and on a TV crew, but he remained out of the spotlight while his wife was a global celebrity. During their relationship, the couple had two biological children and adopted five more.

Even though Osmond devotes everything she has to her thriving career, she still makes time for her family, which is her top priority. The iconic actress is the proud mother of eight children, one of them is Jessica Marie Blosil, her eldest daughter. Jessica chose to live a more private life away from the spotlight throughout her mother’s legendary career. As she grew older, the brunette beauty chose a career path that was somewhat different from her mother’s.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were formerly one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. However, their marriage ended as fast as how it started. The two first met at the Teen Choice Awards in 2005, and he appeared in her music video for Bye, Bye three years later. They dated for a few weeks and shocked fans when they announced their marriage. After a series of turmoils, the couple officially separated in 2016.

Even though they are no longer together, they have attempted to establish some partnership for their twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Cannon and Carey are on the same page when it comes to raising their children, and they try to keep the twins out of the spotlight as much as possible. With the investments that they have, we are pretty sure that the twins have a bright future ahead of them.

Marco Garibaldi & Priscilla Presley

Although she will be forever associated with Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley also had a long-time romance with Marco Garibaldi. The two met through a mutual friend sometime in 1984. Garibaldi and Presley dated and moved in together the following year. Their 22-year relationship ended in 2006, but they had a son, Navarone Garibaldi.

The guy is stunning proof of the couple’s former passion. Even though he isn’t Elvis’ biological son, he carries the rock star gene. He is the frontman of Them Guns, a cult classic rock band. They aren’t well-known, but they have played in some of America’s most prestigious rock venues like The Viper Room. Navarone outgrew living in the shadow of his famous mother and was able to carve out a name for himself, so he deserves a ton of credit. Although the talented musician isn’t attempting to be the next Elvis, his music is well worth hearing.

Marcia Harvey & Steve Harvey

Harvey’s first love, Marcia, is said to be the woman who came along when the world didn’t know as much about Steve Harvey as it does now. The two met at a mutual friend’s housewarming party, and cupid was there to support them. After dating for a few years, Marcia and Steve married in a small ceremony in front of their closest friends and relatives. The couple shared all of life’s small pleasures, first welcoming twin daughters and then a son.

Just like their famous father, his kids are carving their fame and investments. Karli is one of Steve’s twins. She is a gifted public speaker who mentors others through the Harvey and Marjorie Foundation. She’s also a television personality, having starred on shows including Black Love and Steve Harvey. Brandi, Karli’s twin, is the founder of Beyond Her and also hosts a podcast. Broderick, Steve’s third child, is a social media sensation with over 40,000 followers.

Maggie Johnson & Clint Eastwood

Award-winning actor Clint Eastwood has long wowed viewers with his enthralling roles in blockbusters such as Dirty Harry and Gran Torino. The actor’s love life, on the other hand, may rival his on-screen drama, spanning two marriages and many children. After meeting on a blind date, Eastwood, then 23 years old, married Maggie Johnson in 1953. Despite their many high points, their marriage was a tumultuous one. Their 30-year relationship blessed them with two kids, Kyle and Alison Eastwood.

The Eastwood family grew by one when his son Kyle was born on May 19, 1968. Over the years, the bassist has released many tracks, including From There to Here and The View From Here. Kyle has also contributed music to many of his father’s films, including Million Dollar Baby and Letter From Iwo Jima. Their second child, Alison, is a multi-talented actress who also models and dabbles in fashion design. While they are kids to a famous icon, they don’t rely on their father to succeed but it definitely helps to have that insurance.

Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz

Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz happened to be one of the biggest Hollywood A-list couples. Bonet was already a bonafide celebrity when she met Kravitz, thanks to her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Kravitz was a little-known struggling musician at the time. They proved to be the image of perfection when they were together. Sadly, they had split by 1991, and their legal separation came in 1993. Even though their marriage only lasted a few years, the two have still been highly close for the sake of their daughter, Zoe Kravitz.

Her family’s career investments helped her break into the industry at the age of eighteen when she played a supporting role in her first film, No Reservations. Since then, Zoe has starred in several notable films. Following her parents’ genes, she also pursued music, in addition to modeling and acting.

Liam Neeson & Natasha Richardson

Is it possible to fully overcome the loss of the love of your life? According to Liam Neeson, the response is no. He’s never gotten over Natasha Richardson, and he’ll never be able to. They first met when they played opposite each other in a Broadway production of Anna Christie. Their love was instantaneous, although their timing wasn’t exactly ideal. Their on-stage chemistry was palpable, earning them critical praise and constant media attention. The couple got married in 1994 and enjoyed 15 years of blissful marriage until her untimely passing in 2009. Neeson was left to raise their two sons, Micheál and Daniel, on his own.

Micheál followed in his parents’ footsteps and is currently making a name for himself in Hollywood. He starred in the film Made in Italy alongside his father and made cameo appearances in Anchorman 2 and Vox Lux. Daniel, on the other hand, is a fashion icon. He wanted to pursue his passion for design. Neeson deserves a lot of credit for successfully bringing up his boys, who grew up into wonderful young men.

Kristin Grannis & Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx broke on the small screen when he joined the iconic television sketch comedy In Living Color. Viewers first spotted him as a confident, fresh-faced comic adept at portraying outrageous roles. Although he continued to do stand-up comedy in many cable specials, Foxx ascended to his career’s pinnacle with a pivotal and memorable success. Despite his degree of fame, the actor is notoriously private about his relationships, but we presume he met Kristin Grannis when she was working in PR.

Foxx shares his daughter Annalise with his former girlfriend. Since she was a child, the almost 12-year-old has accompanied her father to red carpet events and award shows. Although Annalise prefers to keep a low profile, her father will never pass up an opportunity to brag about his daughter. We can’t wait to see more from this adorable father-daughter tandem in the future!

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s romance has been full of surprises, from a failed engagement to three beautiful children, culminating in their April 2020 separation. The actress and the former NFL star met through mutual friend Giuliana Rancic and started their whirlwind romance in 2010. Cutler and Cavallari broke up three months after he proposed to her, only to rekindle in November 2011. The couple got married in 2013 and shares three children: Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor.

Although their marriage failed, they gave assurance that their three children will still take precedence. The couple works hard to protect their children’s privacy by acquiring state-of-the-art home security systems. They don’t even post pictures of their kids on social media, but they often gush about their mini-me. Cavallari’s family life permeates all of her endeavors, from her now-defunct reality show Very Cavallari to her jewelry brand, Uncommon James.

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick first met in Mexico while hanging out with their mutual friends. Though the reality star wasn’t really into Disick at first, they soon started dating. However, they are one of those celebrity couples who keep people guessing as to the status of their relationship. They did split after two years and went on to date others, but they patched things up and had three children between them. However, Disick’s personal issues caused Kardashian to take steps to protect herself and her children and to get help for her partner.

In 2015, they ended things once more. Rumors circulated when the two were spotted together but based on their social media accounts, they were just co-parenting their kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign. Even if the two splits, Kardashian’s investments in several businesses will set her and her family up for life. The two remain on good terms and even go on vacations together as a family.

Kirstie Alley & Parker Stevenson

The breakup between Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson was one of the much-talked-about celebrity couples split back then as the two were very much in love. They first met in a bar which led to dating even though they were quite opposite about their likes. Still, it was a whirlwind romance for the two of them which ended them eloping and wishing to start a family. The two adopted two children during their marriage, William and Lillie.

Sadly, after 13 years of togetherness, they agreed to split because of irreconcilable differences. Their assets and other investments were divided between them with custody split so both parents spend time with their little ones. Though they did try their best to remain civil for their children’s sake, the two ended not being friends at all, but their focus is on their children.

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

The music industry was shocked to hear that Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock were going their separate ways. To many people, their relationship was like magic. The couple first met at the Academy of Country Music Awards where Clarkson was rehearsing with the band Rascall Flats, who were managed by Blackstock. They later met at the Superbowl event where the American Idol winner sang the National Anthem. Blackstock was single at the time and his father was the one who re-introduced them to one another. Sparks flew and after 10 months of dating, they got engaged.

They tied the knot after four months in an intimate wedding. Later on, the couple had two children. Clarkson also became the stepmom to two children from Blackstock’s previous marriage. She didn’t have any problem with their blended family as they were good parents to their brood. They don’t even have mortgage woes even since both of them have a good net worth. Though the two are splitting, they remain doting parents to their children.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes’ admission that she had a crush on Tom Cruise was the spark of what would be one of the most talked-about relationships in Hollywood. It was in 2005 that Tom Kat, as the media would call them, stepped out as a couple and became one of the most iconic celebrity couples of all time. The couple had one daughter named Suri a few months before they tied the knot.

The Top Gun actor and his new wife were quite the doting parents to their little bundle of joy and were quite private about their personal life too. They seldom showed Suri’s face to the media, but those rare occasions showed that she was the spitting image of her father. Unfortunately, the romance didn’t last. During the proceedings, Holmes got full custody of their daughter. The actress doesn’t have to worry about personal loans since she has enough net worth for the two of them.

Kate Moss & Jefferson Hack

Kate Moss started her modeling career at a young age. She had already graced several fashion magazines and walked the runway several times to the point where her personal life became a point of interest to many. She had a relationship with Edward Scissorhands star Johnny Depp, but that did not last long. She later stepped out with Jefferson Hack, the co-founder of the Dazed and Confused magazine.

According to Hack’s mother, Moss fell in love with her son because he was laid back, straightforward, and has the smarts too. The couple later welcomed their daughter, Lila Grace Moss Hack. Sadly, their relationship did not last long. Moss got custody of their daughter. Though it is still too early to tell if her daughter is going to follow in her footsteps, what’s true is that Moss has plenty of investments to support her and her daughter.

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson

Hollywood star Kate Hudson may have had several relationships in her life, she was married only once to The Black Crowes lead singer, Chris Robinson. Theirs was definitely one of the whirlwind romances that Hollywood is full of since the young actress moved in with him days after they first met. They exchanged vows in December 2000, just seven months after they started dating. For Hudson, Robinson was the best man and husband for her. She even took one year of absence from acting just to enjoy being a newlywed!

They welcomed their son, Ryder Russell Robinson, in 2004, and the two couldn’t have been happier. Hudson admitted that their first few years were volatile. There were fights but they often reconciled. Unfortunately, Hudson and Robinson eventually broke up. To their credit, they remain friends and are co-parenting their son.

Johnny Galecki & Alaina Meyer

Johnny Galecki became an overnight sensation thanks to his role in the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory. He first dated his co-star Kaley Cuoco for two years before they split. The actor was later spotted in Tahiti with a woman who was rumored to be Alaina Meyer at that time. They officially appeared as a couple in 2018 and were later spotted wearing rings. Rumors abounded that the two were already married, but they cleared that up real quick.

The couple announced that they were expecting in 2019 with their little one being born in December 2019. The parents were over the moon with their new bundle of joy! Sadly, the couple announced their split last year but added that they will be co-parenting their son Avery. Galecki has enough investment money to raise his son with for sure, as The Big Bang Theory is one of the most-watched programs to date.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to a fellow singer, Marc Anthony, seemed like a match made in heaven. Both have a solid career in music and they have also dabbled in films too. They met at work and the sparks between the two couldn’t be contained. The couple married in 2004 and welcomed twins Emme and Max into their family four years later.

Although many were rooting for the couple, they called it quits in 2011 after seven years of marriage. J.Lo recently revealed that she wasn’t in the best place when they got married back then. She even admitted to getting therapy at the start because she was missing self-love. Fortunately, they remained friends and are successfully co-parenting their twins too. Emme and Max definitely won’t have to worry about applying for student loans in the near future since their parents are loaded!

Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg

No one expected that Dirty Dancing would become a box office hit, but it did and even propelled its stars, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, into stardom. Their on-screen romance was one for the books. In terms of personal life, Grey dated her Ferris Bueller’s Day Off co-star, Matthew Broderick, but it did not last long. In 2000, she was seen dating Clark Gregg, who everyone knows for his acting credit as Agent Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The couple got married in Martha’s Vineyard and later had a daughter named Stella. Their commitment to each other and their small family helped them last for 19 years together. Unfortunately, they announced that they were splitting amicably recently. It is sad seeing the two moving on without one another, but they remain friends and co-parents to their already 18-year-old daughter.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck first crossed paths on the set of Pearl Harbor and later reunited when they shot Daredevil. It was in this movie that the actor admitted that they fell in love. It was in 2004 that the two stepped out as a couple and in 2005, they were married in a private ceremony. The power couple had three children between them: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. It was refreshing to see the A-list stars become the hands-on type of parents.

Sadly, they eventually separated in 2015 but remain on good terms. In fact, they are co-parenting their children and have been spotted together as a family. Garner has already put plenty of investments in her family while she remains a friend to her former husband. The two stars have since dated other people but are both currently single.

Jacqueline Ray & Tom Selleck

Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck is currently married to Jillie Mack, but the actor was first married to actress Jacqueline Ray from 1971 to 1982. They were considered as Hollywood’s It couple since both were at the peak of their careers and looked absolutely great together. Selleck even adopted Ray’s son, who looks up to him still. The couple did not have any children between them, but they doted on Ray’s son.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long since Selleck became an overnight sensation when he was cast in the TV show, Magnum P.I. It was then that Selleck became one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. The couple later separated since Ray could not stand seeing her husband surrounded by all these women. Selleck eventually tied the knot with his current wife. Regardless of how things ended between the former lovers, the Magnum P.I. actor looked out for his former stepson and acquired home security for him.

Jacelyn Reeves & Clint Eastwood

Dirty Harry star, Clint Eastwood, rose to fame doing western films, such as The Pale Rider, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and Unforgiven. He was also a renowned director with films like Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, and Grand Torino. Eastwood had several relationships and many children to boot. One of them is with former flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves.

Though there are conflicting reports on how the two met, what was clear was that the actor started dating Reeves shortly after they met. They later had two children, Scott and Kathryn. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship fizzled after a short while, with Reeves moving her family to Hawaii. Scott moved closer to his father and later became a model and actor. Kathryn also became an actress. Fortunately, Eastwood doesn’t have to apply for personal loans to meet his obligations to his children.

Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti

Rapper Iggy Azalea had an on-again, off-again with fellow rapper Playboi Carter starting in 2018. They first met while Carti was on tour in 2018, and by the time the year was over, Azalea had moved in with him. The two kept their relationship under wraps as much as they could, with many wondering if Azalea was pregnant. The singer reported that she was indeed pregnant and had a child named Onyx, though she did not say who the father was.

Azalea posted on her Instagram account that she was raising her son alone but later admitted that she was co-parenting with Carti. They have since had some public spats online, but the singer is bent on giving Playboi Carti another chance to be a father to their son. If not, she has enough investments already to keep them comfortable.

Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie

Hilary Duff is not just a singer and an actress, she is also a great mother. The Lizzie McGuire actress got married to ex-hockey player Mike Comrie in 2010 after three years of dating. They later welcomed a son named Luca in 2012. However, things did not turn out so well between the two which led to their separation after a few years.

Some might think that getting divorced will not end on good terms, but Duff and Comrie are getting along just fine. The actress opened up about how the two were able to co-parent their son amicably. As a matter of fact, the family went on a vacation after their split, which only shows that they are putting their son’s welfare and home security at the forefront. Duff is currently married to Matthew Koma, with whom she has two children.

Heidi Klum & Seal

The romance between Heidi Klum and Seal was a fairy tale for many. In fact, most of their fans were happy that they tied the knot. The two first met at a hotel lobby, which started their interest in one another. After getting married, the couple had four children between them, not to mention some of the best Halloween costumes out there! It was clear right from the start that money wasn’t a problem for the two as they had quite a lavish wedding.

With Klum being an international model and Seal being at the peak of his singing career, raising their family wasn’t that hard. They didn’t even have to worry about personal loans since they are making good money. Unfortunately, their romance ended in 2012 when they announced that they were separating. It was in 2014 when their split was finalized, but the couple made sure that they co-parent their children.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow was once married to musician Chris Martin for quite some time. They first met during a Coldplay concert in 2002. According to Paltrow, sparks flew like electricity between them. They dated for a year before finally tying the knot on December 5, 2003. During this time, Paltrow lived in London and founded the wellness company Goop. Their marriage lasted for nearly 11 years until March 2014, when Paltrow decided to call it quits. Two years later, both of them became officially single.

During their relationship, they shared two children, Apple, born in 2004, and Moses, born in 2006. Paltrow and Martin were adamant about keeping them out of the spotlight and respected their privacy. Today, they remain on good terms and their children have grown up well. Apple, in particular, has been supportive of her mother’s company and has appeared on the company’s Netflix show.

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

Once Hollywood’s most famous couples, singers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were together for two decades. They first met in 1995 when their bands, No Doubt, and Bush, were on tour with the band Goo Goo Dolls. They started dating shortly afterward. After seven years, they got engaged on New Year’s Day of 2002 and tied the knot on September 14 of that same year. During their marriage, they shared three sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

While their relationship had some rough patches, they managed to stay together until 2015, when both called it quits. They agreed to split their joint fortunes and investments, as per California law. They also agreed to peacefully co-parent their children. Today, their children are now entering their teen years and grateful for their parents’ good relationship, with Kingston praising his dad via his Instagram.

Gregg Allman & Cher

While Cher’s most well-known relationship was with Sonny Bono, she was also married to a guy named Gregg Allman. They first met in 1975 after Cher’s separation from Bono and soon fell in love. Four days after her separation was finalized, Cher tied the knot with Allman on June 30, 1975. Already, their relationship raised a lot of eyebrows and it nearly ended just nine days into the marriage. However, Cher’s pregnancy led to them reconciling, and in 1976, Cher gave birth to their son Elijah Blue. However, they called it quits in 1977 and made it official in 1979. They agreed to jointly take care of their child, striving to make investments towards his future.

While he had hurdles to overcome, Elijah has managed to make his name as a successful musician. He is currently the frontman, guitarist, and lyricist of the metal band Deadsy. As for Cher and Allman, they eventually got on good terms as the years passed.

Goldie Hawn & Bill Hudson

Actress Goldie Hawn is now well-known for her long-term relationship with Kurt Russell, but she was once married to musician Bill Hudson for a time. They became romantically involved in 1975 and tied the knot a year later. After four years, however, Hudson called it quits. The separation was finalized in 1982. In the duration of their relationship, Hawn and Hudson shared two children, Oliver, born in 1976, and Kate, born in 1979. After they parted ways, Oliver and Kate went to Hawn.

Today, Oliver and Kate are highly successful actors in their own right. Kate became well-known for starring in films such as Almost Famous, Music, and You, while Oliver became known for starring in Rules of Engagement. Kate also made an investment in the fitness brand Fabletics, which became highly successful. As for Hawn, she has been with Russell for nearly four decades now.

Gillian Anderson & Mark Griffiths

X-Files actress Gillian Anderson has had numerous relationships over the years, and her relationship with businessman Mark Griffiths was one of them. Shortly after calling it quits with her then-husband Julian Ozanne, Anderson met Griffiths in 2006. Soon, they became romantically involved. They welcomed two sons, Oscar and Felix, throughout their relationship. While they were initially happy with one another, it all came to an end in 2012. After six years of being together, Anderson called it quits to their relationship. They agreed to raise their children together.

Today, Anderson and Griffiths have been quite attentive to their children. While much is not known about the kids, what is certain is that the former lovebirds deserve credit for being such good parents to them. As for Anderson, she recently ended her four-year relationship with The Crown creator Peter Morgan in 2020.

Giada De Laurentiis & Todd Thompson

Giada De Laurentiis is well-known to audiences for her show on Food Network, Giada at Home. Outside her career, she was in a long-term relationship with fashion designer Todd Thompson. They first met during De Laurentiis’ college years at age 19. At the time, she was pursuing a degree in anthropology. They clicked immediately and became romantically involved. They tied the knot in 2002 after 12 years of being together. While they were quite resilient together for years, it came as a shock when, in December 2014, De Laurentiis announced the end of their marriage and it was finalized in 2015. They shared a daughter named Jade Marie.

Since then, their daughter has been taken care of by them, according to court records. Furthermore, the former couple has remained on amicable terms. De Laurentiis has been romantically involved with Shane Farley since 2015.

Garth Brooks & Sandy Mahl

Before his rise to popularity, Garth Brooks was once in a relationship with Sandy Mahl. They first met in Oklahoma, when Brooks worked as a bouncer. The two clicked due to their passion for music. Afterward, they tied the knot in 1986. Mahl heavily supported Brooks during his rise to stardom. She followed the singer when he moved to Nashville to pursue his career. Two of Brooks’ songs, That Summer and I’ve Got a Good Thing, were co-written by Mahl. However, their relationship came to an end in 2001, when they parted ways. They share three daughters, Taylor, August, and Allie.

Since then, they have been on good terms and have jointly raised their children since they were born. Their kids went on to have successful career paths. Taylor graduated in history, while August became a lawyer. Meanwhile, Allie followed her parents’ footsteps by pursuing a music career. Brooks has been married to singer Trisha Yearwood since 2005.

Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s love life has been extensively followed over the years, and her relationship with model Gabriel Aubry became a media sensation. They first met in 2002 and became romantically involved in 2005. During that time, Berry became pregnant with their child and in 2008, gave birth to their daughter, Nahla Ariela. However, two years after Nahla’s birth, they went their separate ways. This led to a legal battle between the two over the custody of their daughter, with Aubry’s and Berry’s lawyers duking it out on the court for four years. Finally, in June 2014, a settlement was reached wherein Berry shall pay $16,000 a month in child support to Aubry.

Since then, both have gotten along, although flare-ups have occasionally popped up. Nahla is currently attending school, with her parents being attentive and loving to her. It seems that their daughter may be the link that mended Aubry and Berry.

Frances Fisher & Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has been well-known for his numerous relationships, and his time with actress Frances Fisher was an interesting one. They first met on the set of Pink Cadillac in 1988. At the time, the actor was parting ways with his then-partner Sondra Locke. Fisher and Eastwood had an on-and-off relationship for two years before making it official in 1990. During their relationship, they co-starred in the classic Western film Unforgiven, which was released in 1992. In 1993, Fisher gave birth to their child Francesca. Eastwood was present during his daughter’s birth, which was the first time for him. However, the two called it quits in January 1995.

Regardless of their separation, Fisher and Eastwood managed to raise their daughter well. Francesca has since become more associated with her father. In fact, she has made a name for herself after her big break in the reality TV series Mrs. Eastwood & Company. She became a mother in 2018 when she gave birth to her son, Titan.

Floyd Mayweather & Josie Harris

Regarded as one of the best boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been a sensation for decades. His relationship with Josie Harris became a big part of his life. They first met in 1995, when Mayweather was about to start his professional boxing career and became romantically involved afterward. During her sophomore year in college, Harris became pregnant with their child, Kortum. They had two more children over the years, Zion and Jirah. Their relationship, while it had happy moments, was quite rocky in its entirety. Mayweather was always on the headlines during the 2000s for his disputes with his girlfriend. They soon parted ways in 2010. However, Harris and her lawyer filed cases in court concerning her disputes with Mayweather.

Since then, their children have been quite successful in their ways, with Koraum having followed his father’s footsteps in boxing.

Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman

Drew Barrymore is one of the most bankable actors in the entertainment industry. She has been in the Hollywood spotlight since her younger days, earning acting credits in various films such as Firestarter, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Babes in Toyland. A member of the legendary Barrymore acting family, she made her clan proud with numerous accolades that she has earned throughout her career. On the side, she has an equally prolific romantic life. The Charlie’s Angels actress stirred a media frenzy when they caught up with her relationship with Will Kopelman in 2011. The couple did not waste their time and tied the knot the following year. Things seemed to be going well for the lovebirds, but unfortunately, their love story took a different turn. They announced their separation in a joint statement in 2016.

Their marriage bore two wonderful children named Frankie and Olive. The former couple has worked out a way to make sure that their kids will still have a loving family life.

Drake & Sophie Brussaux

Drake is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved stars in the music industry today. His varying and unique style of creating music has earned him a hoard of fans. Inspired by fellow rappers Clipse and Jay-Z, Drake went on to release numerous hit singles such as Hotline Bling, Hold on, We’re Going Home, The Motto, Marvin’s Room, and Look What You’ve Done. With his fame and gorgeous looks, it is not a surprise that a lot of people want to dish on his personal life. He has been linked with fellow musician Rihanna in the past, but fate led Drake down a different path.

In 2017, he surprised the world with the news of his son Adonis’s birth. The mother of his child is artist Sophia Brussaux. Although the two are not romantically together, they have established a co-parenting system for their little boy that will ensure his home security and future.

Dina Eastwood & Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood treasure that everybody loves. He has a prolific career that spans seven decades, not just in acting, but in directing, as well. He starred in several box office hits, including The First Traveling Saleslady, Dirty Harry, and Every Which Way but Loose. His directorial credits come from numerous films such as Sudden Impact, Mystic River, Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, and The Mule. However, Eastwood is also known for his many romantic affairs over the years.

In 1996, he tied the knot to Dina Ruiz. This was the actor’s second marriage after his separation from ex-wife Maggie Johnson. Eastwood and Ruiz share a daughter named Morgan, whom they welcomed in the same year as their wedding. Unfortunately, the two have decided to part ways in 2013. The now 24-year-old Morgan followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actress herself.

Dianne Holechek & Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a legend in the entertainment industry. He is best known for his martial arts stunts in several films such as An Eye for an Eye, A Force of One, and The Octagon. His entrance to the world of movies is credited to his good friend and fellow martial artist Bruce Lee, who asked him to star as a villain in the 1972 film Way of the Dragon. He is now widely considered a cultural icon. In December of 1958, Norris tied the knot with Dianne Holechek. They were relatively young at the time, with Norris being 18 and Holechek, 17. However, the two welcomed their first son Mike in 1962 followed by a second child, Eric in 1964. Sadly, Norris and Holechek contacted their attorneys and settled their separation in 1988 after 30 years together.

Their son Mike followed his dad’s footsteps and became an actor. Eric, on the other hand, became a stuntman and racecar driver.

Diana Douglas & Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas dedicated more than half of his life to the entertainment industry. His countless contributions earned him a spot among the great legends in Hollywood cinema. He had almost a hundred acting credits to his name, including The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Champion, The Bad and the Beautiful, Lust for Life, and The Light at the Edge of the World. Outside of his mile-long career, Kirk had an equally fruitful personal life. He married fellow actor Diana Dill in November of 1943. They welcomed their first son Michael in 1944, followed by their second son Joel in 1947. Unfortunately, Kirk and Diana’s marriage saw its end by 1951.

Although their union did not last, they passed on their creative juices to their children. Their son Michael followed in his parents’ footsteps and became a prolific actor himself. Joel, on the other hand, became a successful film producer.

Dennis Rodman & Michelle Moyer

Dennis Rodman may have been successful in his basketball career, but he was not that fortunate when it comes to lasting married life. The basketball legend, who is known for his distinct defensive playing inside the court, has been married three times already. His third wife is Michelle Moyer, whom he me met in a bar in 1999. Their romance soon resulted in their first-born Dennis Rodman, Jr. The following year, the ex-couple welcomed their daughter Trinity. Rodman and Moyer wedded in 2003 in an intimate civil wedding.

However, as many wished Moyer will be his last, fans were surprised to know that they already called their lawyers to seek help for separation. It did not go well after the separation as Rodman was not able to give spousal and child support. Rodman’s son DJ is now a 19-year-old basketball player for the Washington State Cougars while Trinity plays for the National Women’s Soccer League.

Debra Messing & Daniel Zelman

Debra Messing met her former husband Daniel Zelman while they were both studying at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Messing got her graduate degree diploma in Fine Arts in the same university as Zelman. They dated for eight years before tying the knot in 2000. While Messing gained popularity for her lead role in Will & Grace, Zelma became an award-winning actor and screenwriter. Their union was blessed with their only son, Roman Walker Zelman, who is now 15. The actress once stated in an interview that she wanted her son to grow just like her father—intelligent, sensitive, and funny.

However, even though they seemed to be getting along with each other, Messing and Zelman called it quits and filed for legal separation. Their break-up was legally finalized in 2016. The two released a statement saying they will still do their duties as responsible co-parents to Roman despite their separation.

Debbie Reynolds & Eddie Fisher

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were some of classic Hollywood’s iconic power couples. Reynolds was a famous actress and singer, appearing in movies such as How the West Was Won and Singing in the Rain. Her career spanned 70 years. Meanwhile, Fischer was an idol when it comes to singing, amassing millions worldwide for his hit singles and album.

They married in 1955 and further elevated their respective careers in the industry. They welcomed two children, Carrie Fischer, who would later become a superstar, whose acting credit included Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, and Todd, who became a director and cinematographer. In 1959, four years after their wedding, Fisher left Reynolds and their kids. In an interview, Reynolds surmised that Fisher might have left him due to her lack of passion inside the marriage. Today, Todd, now 63, is the sole surviving member of the family following Carrie’s and Debbie’s passing in 2016.

Darcy Lapier & Jean-Claude Van Damme

Aside from making box-office hit movies throughout his entire career, Jean-Claude Van Damme is also popular for marrying five times over. One of his former wives is Darcy LaPier, whom he married in 1994 after his separation from second wife Gladys Portugues. She was his fourth wife at the time. They welcomed their only son Nicholas in 1995. However, just three years after they got married, LaPier filed for separation from Van Damme. After the separation, the actor remarried his third wife Gladys Portuguese in 1999. They are still together to this day.

Lapier and Van Damme’s son Nicholas is now 25 years old. Although he no longer has to deal with student loans as he receives massive support from his superstar father, Nicholas tried his hand at acting and appeared in the 2018 film Kickboxer: Retaliation. He is active on Instagram, where he updates his 10,000 followers on his life.

Daniel Craig & Fiona Loudon

Before Daniel Craig found love with his second wife and Bourne Legacy star Rachel Weisz, the James Bond actor was married to Fiona Loudon. She was a former Scottish actress who gained popularity after marrying the actor in 1992. While Craig’s career began to gain momentum, Loudon decided to step away from the spotlight as they decided to have a kid. Their only daughter Ella was born the same year as their union. Loudon became a doting mother who devoted her time to their first child. However, Craig and Loudon shocked many of their fans after they announced their separation. Despite their short-lived married life, the two still served as co-parents to Ella, with Craig agreeing to a settlement for their child.

Loudon has never remarried. As for Ella, she is now a stunning 29-year-old theatre actress. She revealed that she dropped out of college and left her dream to finish her degree due to some personal issues. She found her purpose in theatre acting and has spent most of her downtime with her father.

Cyrinda Foxe & Steven Tyler

Actress Cyrinda Foxe and rock icon Steven Tyler were once a married couple. Foxe, who rose to fame for her role in Andy Warhol’s movie Bad, fell in love with the Aerosmith front man and was married him from 1978 to 1987. Their union lasted for 9 years and resulted in having their daughter Mia, The two did not leave their daughter hanging and went on to become the best co-parents for their child. With Tyler’s fortune and fame, Mia surely did not have any issues with paying her credit card bills. Soon after their separation, Foxe moved on with Keith Waa while Tyler married Teresa Barrick.

Mia can now produce money on her own as she is already an actress, model, and advocate. Aside from this, she is a successful businesswoman who has built an empire with her cause: advocating for plus-size women empowerment. Since 2009, she has owned the clothing line Revolution 1228.

Courteney Cox & David Arquette

Courtney Cox is a famous actress known for her role as Monica Geller in NBC’s hit sitcom Friends. David Arquette, on the other hand, is an actor who eventually ventured into professional wrestling. The two met at the set of the horror movie Scream, where they both landed a role. They built a romance that resulted in marriage in 1999. For 11 years, Cox and Arquette lived a normal celebrity married life with the kind of wealth that did not give them problems on cash loans and other financial woes. They have a daughter named Coco, 16, who has shown immense interest in performing. This signals that Coco might take the footsteps of her parents in the near future.

After more than a decade inside the marriage, the two decided to move on to their separate ways. Even when they no longer are a couple, they remained good friends throughout the years. They are also set to work together and reprise their roles for the remake of Scream.

Connie Stevens & Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher, who came from two previous marriages with actresses Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, tied the knot with Connie Stevens in 1967. Stevens was one of the most popular female stars in the 60s, with iconic roles in Hawaiian Eye and Susan Slade. She captured the heart of Fisher as a performer, following his split with Taylor.

Their union only lasted for two years and the two moved on to other partners after. Their attorney helped them reach a co-parenting settlement that was agreeable to both parties. They have two daughters together named Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher. Both have carved their names in Hollywood as well just like their late sister Carrie Fisher. Joely, the eldest, is now 53. She was known for her breakthrough role in the 1994 ABC sitcom Ellen. Meanwhile, Tricia is also an actress and a singer, who had roles in the 80s movies Hostile Intentions and Pretty Smart.

Connie Kline & Jamie Foxx

Jaime Foxx has been in a series of relationships that resulted in several children. While some of his former romantic partners are known by the media, his daughter’ Corrine Marie Bishop’s mother was unknown. For many years, Foxx was able to hide the identity of his baby mama, probably due to an earlier agreement. It was only in the last couple of years that the actor was seen with Connie Kline, who was confirmed as the mother of Corrine, 27. Connie is a US Veteran who served the Air Force for five years. She is also a taxation professional and earned her own money without relying on her baby daddy’s fame and fortune.

Connie successfully lived a normal life out of the spotlight while raising her child. Corrine, who is a known actress and supermodel, was able to earn a degree in Public Relations at the University of Southern California before she ventured into the entertainment industry.

Cindy Costner & Kevin Costner

Cindy Costner is known as the award-winning actor Kevin Costner’s first wife. Kevin rose to fame for roles in Dances with Wolves and lightweight. Interestingly, he was a marketing and finance graduate. Instead of using his degree to be a financial advisor or to get a job in a marketing firm, he followed his dreams to become an actor. Through his journey in Hollywood, he met Cindy and married her in 1978. Cindy was a former Disneyland actress who portrayed the role of Cinderella

Their marriage was blessed with three children: Lily Costner, Annie Costner, and Joe Costner. Lily is an actress best known for the film Black or White, while Annie is a film producer. Joe is also an actor who is known for The Postman and Tin Cup. Cindy and Kevin were together for 16 years before they decided to split. Cindy cited her former husband’s erratic behavior as the root cause of their separation. The actress reportedly walked away with a $50 million settlement, just enough to raise her kids.

Tom Hanks & Samantha Lewes

Tom Hanks is an actor who is known for his excellent performances in both comedy and drama films such as Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. The actor has been married to Rita Wilson since 1988, but he was first married to actress Samantha Lewes.

They first met in college when they were both pursuing their degrees. They got married in 1978 and were blessed with two children named Elizabeth and Colin. However, their marriage reached its end in 1987. A year after their separation, Hanks married Wilson. For Lewes’ part, she did not remarry and remained a co-parent to their two kids. In 2002, Lewes’ passed away. Hanks and Lewes’ offspring followed their path to Hollywood. Colin and Elizabeth have maintained an active career in acting. Colin starred in movies such as Jumanji: The Next Level while Elizabeth’s latest works included Big City Greens.

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

In the early 2000s, Christina Aguilera could not ask for more when it comes to career and personal life. She reached ultimate fame during these years, making movies and selling albums internationally while making investment money on the side. On the other hand, Aguilera found love with record producer Jordan Bratman. They tied the knot in 2005 and welcomed their son Max. However, they separated after five years. Aguilera cited that they both changed and grew as people. Although she said that they tried to work things out, the two decided to let go and go on their separate ways for the sake of their child.

Max, who is now 12, juggles his time with Aguilera and Bratman. The Beautiful singer admitted that they both try to maintain a healthy blended family dynamic. She also remained friends with Bratman who has appeared in some of her Instagram posts. Aguilera is now with Matthew Rutler, with whom she has a daughter named Summer Rain.

Christie Brinkley & Billy Joel

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has gone through four marriages throughout her entire career. The iconic Billy Joel was one of her former spouses and she was married to him from 1985 to 1994. Their romance started when Brinkley landed a role for the Five-time Grammy-winning musician’s music video. After almost a decade of marriage, Brinkley and Joel ended their relationship. Although there were not confirmed reasons as to why they called off their marriage, there were speculations that the supermodel wanted to move to the west coast and was frustrated with the musician’s busy schedule.

They have a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel, now 35. Alexa will not only inherit her parents’ rich fortune, but she also no longer has to worry about needing money loans in the future. She also followed the footsteps of her father. She released her debut album in 2006.

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris

Chris Pratt is a famous actor known for his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Anna Faris, meanwhile, is a comedian and actress who gained popularity for Mom and the Scary Movie franchise. The actors met in 2007 at the set of the film Take Me Home Tonight. In 2009, they married in an intimate wedding in Bali and were blessed with a son named Jack, 8. As they lived a married life, Pratt and Faris also carved their names in the industry and have since amassed their own fortunes. They also made sure that Jack is given the best possible care due to a health scare that rocked their family life.

Faris was able to make wise money management decisions and landed great real estate deals to add to their portfolio. On the other hand, Pratt continued to be one of the most sought-after stars of his generation. However, in 2017, the couple announced their split after eight years of marriage.

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan

Just as we thought love is forever for power couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, many were shocked after the two announced in 2018 that they are calling off their marriage. The Magic Mike actor and his Step Up co-star married in 2009 after working together in the hit dance-musical movie.

It can be recalled that Dewan and Tatum both gushed about their relationship, praising each other as best partners through challenges in their married life. However, after over a decade of marital bliss, they sought consultations from their lawyers for their official separation. They cited that their love for each other remained, but it also led them to grow apart. The pair have a daughter named Everly, whom they vowed to protect and raise as co-parents despite their falling apart. The two also remained friends even though they already have new relationships.

Celine Dion & Rene Angelil

The couple met in 1980 when Dion was still a 12-year old singer with a huge dream. At that time, Angelil himself was a struggling record producer until he heard his future wife’s demo. After a year, he sold his house just to fund Dion’s debut album, La Voix du Bon Dieu. By 1994 Dion was already a Grammy Award winner and a holder of an Oscar Award as well. The powerhouse singer was led to global stardom by her one true love. Dion dedicated one of her albums, The Colour of My Love, to Angelil. By the age of 24, the singer married her beloved sweetheart in a posh, broadcasted ceremony.

Celine and Angelil had three children together: 14-year-old Rene-Charles, and five-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy. Like most love stories, the couple also experienced a painful, heartbreaking challenge. Angelil was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2014, and two years later, he lost the battle.

Catherine Bell & Adam Beason

Catherine met Adam on the set of the film Death Becomes Her, where she played a nude body double for Isabella Rossellini. The two immediately felt sparks and began to date. Not long after, they got married on May 8, 1994.

The couple had two children together: their daughter Gemma was born on April 16, 2003, and Catherine gave birth to her son, Ronan, on August 21, 2010. They lived with their kids in a wonderful, huge, and highly luxurious Tuscan-style villa-mansion in Calabasas, California. However, the couple sold the mansion in 2010 and announced their parting in 2011.
The former flames remained good friends and are both committed to raising their children together despite the split. The legal procedure was completed in the year 2015, and the cause of the breakup still remains unknown to this day.

Carly Waddell & Evan Bass

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass met while filming Bachelor in Paradise, which was aired back in 2016. Although their relationship got off a rocky start, Waddell accepted the proposal from Bass during the season 3 finale of the show. The two then returned to Mexico in June 2017 to exchange vows in front of the entire cast of BIP season 4 and its host, Chis Harrington.

The lovebirds then went on to welcome their daughter Bella in February 2018 and their son Charlie in November 2019. Bass is also the father to three teenage sons: Ensley, Liam, and Nathan, whom he shares custody over with his ex-wife Marie Bass. Soon enough, fans speculated that the couple has split due to their constant absence in each other’s affairs. They then went to confirm their split on December 23 via a joint statement.

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married from 1987 to 2000. The pair met at the premiere of the 1987 film Stakeout, which starred Moore’s ex-fiance, Emilio Estevez. In Moore’s 2019 memoir, she revealed that her first impression of Willis was “dark, cocky and handsome.” She even recalled how Willis was utterly focused on her that night. The actress was charmed by the action star, and in turn, he asked her on a date before the premiere was over. Four months into their relationship, the two even got married at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas. Moore also mentioned that she got pregnant with her child, Rumer, on their wedding night. The two held a much more lavish ceremony after a few years, continuing their fairytale-like romance.

Alas, after Moore achieved stardom Willis decided to cut their union off, their ideals clashed and eventually leading to the downfall of their castle. To this day, however, the ex-couple remains good friends.

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

The two met at the dance floor of Hollywood club Joseph’s, with their chemistry brewing as soon as they laid eyes on one another. The Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tandem then announced their engagement in July 2004, with the Toxic singer popping the question to him during their ride on her private plane. A week later, Federline has slid on a five-carat diamond ring on her finger. Although the pair had set off planning their union and sending out 100 invitations, they ultimately surprised the media with a top-secret wedding! It was held on their Studio City Home and only had 30 guests, which were comprised of their closest friends and family. The venue was a simple, casual backyard reception.

The couple had two kids together: Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline. Not to mention, their growing family even landed a reality show. Three years into their marriage, however, the couple called it quits with Britney telling James Corden that she’ll never get married again.

Bridget Rooney & Kevin Costner

Two years after Kevin Costner’s divorce from his ex-wife Cindy, he got together with Bridget Rooney. It was more of a fling rather than a long-term relationship between the two. Although their relationship was quite the short one, their ‘fling’ resulted in a son named Liam. Unfortunately, at first, Kevin refused to acknowledge the boy as his son. However, his doubts were shot down after taking a paternity test, proving his speculations to be wrong. Kevin also mentions that he only sees Liam occasionally and not on a regular basis.

After the couple’s separation, Bridget then went on to marry the billionaire William Koch, whose brothers are quite famous in the political and business world. Kevin also got together with his now wife of 16 years, Christine Baumgartner. The couple said to be happily living their lives together, along with their three kids: Cayden, Hayes, and Grace.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

It was quite the scandal when the famously dubbed “Brangelina” couple first got together since Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Anniston at the time. The Fight Club lead star met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where they soon fell in love. Later on, Pitt and Anniston announced their split after a five-year-long relationship. The Brangelina tandem was then spotted to be vacationing together in Kenya, where they were featured in an extensive magazine spread titled “Domestic Bliss.” Jolie also adopted six-month-old Zahara from Ethiopia the same month, with Pitt accompanying her.

In January 2006, the couple was already expecting their first biological baby together. Taking it a step further, Pitt has decided to adopt Jolie’s other adopted children as his own, legally changing their last names into Jolie-Pitt. In March 2007, they went on to adopt three-year-old Pax in Vietnam. In July 2008, they had twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. To the delight of fans worldwide, the lovely couple finally got engaged in April 2012 and tied the knot in August 2014 with all of their six children present. Sadly, not all fairytales have happy endings. Brangelina’s romance died when they split in early 2019.

Diana Ross & Berry Gordy

Diana Ross had been married twice and has five children in total. In the year 1975, she started dating Motown chief Berry Gordy, and their relationship lasted several years. She even gave birth to their child, Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein, in 1971. They were an unstoppable pairing during the Supremes’ rise to fame through the legendary Motown record label that Berry owns. As Ross’ career grew, her feelings for Berry grew as well. Their relationship quickly switched over from being professional to personal, which happens to have occurred during one of the Supremes’ early shows in England.

Unfortunately, down the line, they had a major argument over a performance. Berry mentioned how everything spiraled into mayhem, all because of one simple fight. His master plan for the group was broken; his vision for them was all wiped out in one clean swipe. The argument ultimately led to the couple splitting up on a sour note.

Barbara Walters & Lee Guber

Barbara Walters met the theatrical producer Lee Guber two years after her divorce from her first ex-husband, Robert Katz. The pair met by blind dating in the year 1961, which eventually led to their marriage that lasted for two years.
Since the couple had both lived quite hectic lives, they agreed to live separately for the first six months of their marriage. They eventually decided to adopt a child in 1968— a girl Walter named

Jacqueline in honor of her disabled sister. In 1972, Walter and Guber agreed to a temporary separation while they both dealt with some marital issues. The couple did end up reconciling for a short while, but they severed their ties with one another in the year 1976. The reason for their split is rumored to have been caused by Barbara’s continuous miscarriages throughout her marriage with Guber.

Ashley Herbert & J.P. Rosenbaum

Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum met during the seventh season of the Bachelorette in 2011 and tied the knot in 2012. The lovely couple was wedded in December 2012, with their ceremony being broadcasted throughout the nation. Ashley and J.P. are parents to two children: their son Fordham who is six years old, and their daughter Essex, who they had in 2016. After welcoming their second child, Ashley revealed how she felt a strong sense of completeness to an interview with People. Despite their background with the popular reality TV show, fans are pleased to see how normal their family life is.

In December 2019, Herbert was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Eight years into their marriage, the couple announced their separation last October 2020. Despite their sad separation, the former couple decided to remain on friendly terms and co-parent their children together. They sold their family home together amid the news of their split and are now leading separate happy lives.

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were married for two and a half years. They gave birth to one son named Bronx before they ended up going into their separate ways in 2011. They were the nation’s favorite emo couple when they were still together. Their separation was quite unclear to the fans, but little by little, Pete started sharing the reason why. The musician mentioned how their split was partly due to the downward spiral he took after his band, Fall Out Boy, went on hiatus. He also cited age as one of the reasons— they were young, reckless, and crazily attracted to each other during their youth. They didn’t know better and got into a spontaneous marriage.

While their group was on break, Pete has started to hang out with his son more, and it got to the point where he wouldn’t pay attention to his personal health and hygiene anymore. The couple then decided to file for separation.

Diana Ross & Arne Naess Jr.

In 1985, Arne Naess Jr. met the American singer Diana during a trip to the Bahamas. Shockingly, the two got married in Geneva, Switzerland, the same year he met her. The couple had two sons: Ross Arne Naess, born on October 7, 1981, and Evan Olav Naess, who was born on August 26, 1988. Through their marriage, Arne gained three stepdaughters: Rhonda Ross Kendrick, who was Ross’ daughter with Berry Gordy) as well as Chudney Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross— the latter two being Ross’ daughter from her first marriage to Robert Ellis Silberstein.

The couple eventually decided to split in the year 1999 after it was revealed that Naess fathered a child with Camilla Astrup. They’re now living their own lives respectfully after the split, with Naess spending his remaining years with Camilla and their two sons, Nicklas and Louis.

Annie Baker & Dennis Rodman

Annie Baker met Dennis Rodman while she was hosting at a club in Los Angeles in the year 1987. Annie instantly fell in love with him at the first meeting. The couple later moved in together and had their first child together in 1988, a daughter named Alexis Rodman. Although their relationship was filled with turmoil and malicious rumors, the couple pushed through and eventually got married in 1991 at South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The couple then decided to cut off their union after 1992. Annie reported that her former partner had forced her to undergo several abortions, committed adultery, and even contracted an STD during their relationship. After finding out about her medical condition, the couple had a huge fight, and it eventually led to their split. It was the last pushing point to their downfall. In the late 1990s, there were rumors that the two had reconciled for the sake of their daughter. However, those allegations were dismissed after Rodman remarried Carmen Electra.

Anne Byrne & Dustin Hoffman

Anne Byrne and Dustin Hoffman were married for 11 years. They dated for four months after getting together in 1969, but 11 years later, they divorced on October 6, 1980. Hoffman married Anne and then adopted her daughter from her previous marriage as his own. On another note, the former flames had a daughter together named Jenna on October 15, 1970.

In 1970, Hoffman and Anne lived together in Greenwich Village. Their place was a building that was next door to a townhouse occupied by a few members of the Weathermen. Tragically, a bomb was accidentally detonated in their townhouse’s basement, which led to three people’s passing. In a documentary film that covered this event, Hoffman can be seen standing and gazing over the ruins caused by the explosion—basking sorrowfully in the aftermath of the unexpected event.

Anne Buydens & Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens got married in May 1954, after a long time of courting and swooning the lady over. They had two children together: Peter and Eric. Douglas’s other two sons, Michael and Joel, were from his previous marriage to the actress Diana Douglas.

Life wasn’t always rainbows and sparkles, though. Amidst the two’s wonderful and sweetly sick relationship with one another, they also had their ups and downs. Douglas was particularly open about their affairs with several actresses. Still, the couple always managed to work things out regardless. Buydens’ loyalty to her husband once saved his life and his fortune. Together, the two of them became prominent Los Angeles philanthropists. In 2004, the couple suffered a major loss after their son, Eric, died because of an accidental substance overdose. Despite the challenges, their romance still went on for over 60 years. They even had their vows renewed for their 50th anniversary and hosted their dream wedding.

Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani

Anderson Hays Cooper is probably a name you’ve heard if you’re constantly watching the news. He was born on June 3, 1967, in New York City. The man is best known as an American television journalist and has started his career in 1990. This means he has been in the industry for quite some time— around three decades, to be exact! In his career, he has delivered several shocking news. However, one of the most shocking news we probably got from him is his split with his long-time partner, Benjamin Maisani. The two even had an adorable son named Wyatt Morgan.

Despite their decision to split, the two are on excellent terms. They’re actually living together as of late, co-parenting little Wyatt. It may seem a little odd for others, but it has worked for them. Let’s give them credit for being such good sports!

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were once one of the power couples in the industry. Khalifa is a known American rapper and singer, while Rose was a renowned model and actress. With the former setting up his kingdom in the music industry and Rose setting up hers on the runway, they were practically a force to be reckoned with.

In 2011, the two officially started dating, and by 2012, they got engaged. The couple then tied the knot in 2013. While they technically got married in July, the ceremony wasn’t held until August. Despite the confusion, their union was one of the most talked-about events at the time. In the same year, their son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, was born. With the cute Instagram pictures and captions, everything seemed to be going good back then, but some things are just not meant to last. The following year, the two decided to go their separate ways. However, let’s give them credit, as they seem to be doing well with the co-parenting game!

Alicia Silverstone & Christopher Jarecki

Way back in 1997, Alicia Silverstone met Christopher Jarecki outside a movie theater. They dated for eight years and, in 2005, decided to tie the knot in a beachfront wedding at Lake Tahoe. The couple was together for a total of almost twenty-one years before Alicia called her attorney. Sadly, the Clueless star filed for separation in May 2018 with irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Although Alicia and Chris’s relationship didn’t stand the test of time, their love for their child comes first. The former husband and wife bore a healthy baby boy in May 2011 and named him Bear Blu Jarecki. After the divorce, both Chris and Alicia agreed to co-parent Bear. Now, the youngster spends his time going back and forth from each of their houses with Alicia saying, “We ask Bear where he wants to be, but then I started to wonder if that was too much pressure. So, I checked in with him, and he said, ‘I love that I get to decide.'”

Alex Rodriguez & Cynthia Scurtis

The former baseball star Alexander Enmanuel Rodriguez, or better known as A-Rod, married his wife Cynthia Scurtis in 2002. It would make sense that the pair met each other in a Miami gym since he was an athlete in his prime. The relationship deteriorated over time and took a big hit when Alex was hit by scandals and allegations left and right. Ultimately, Cynthia couldn’t handle it anymore and asked to part ways in July 2008, citing emotional abandonment and extramarital affairs being the main reasons.

Prior to the two breaking up and splitting their investments, they had two kids, both girls. The older one, Natasha Alexander, was born in November 2004, two years after Alex and Cynthia got married. Meanwhile, the second one, Ella Alexander, was born in April 2008, just months before their split happened. So far, the former partners make it seem like they are making it work for the children’s sake.

Alan Greisman & Sally Field

Sally Margaret Field had already been a divorcee and a mother of two before she met producer Alan Stewart Greisman. After her relationship officially ended with former co-star and ex-lover Burt Reynolds, Sally married Alan in 1984. Their marriage and love resulted in the youngest of Sally’s children when she gave birth to their only child, Samuel H. Morlan Greisman. Both being private people, not much has been said about the reason for the couple’s falling out in 1994. Whether it was about cash loans or personal differences, we might never know.

What we do know is that Sam was born in December 1987. He and his mom were very close growing up to the point that Sally probably had a feeling he was gay before coming out. In one interview, Sam said, “A lot of young gay men would kill to have Sally Field as a mom. And a lot of parents of gay kids could learn a lot from her. I’m very, very lucky.”

Adele & Simon Konecki

In 2011, English singer-songwriter Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, also more commonly known as Adele, began dating a charity entrepreneur, Simon Konecki. The following year, Adele gave birth in October to a healthy baby boy named Angelo James Adkins. They were a happy little family, and both lovebirds were clearly in love with each other. Of course, it’s never that easy when you’re rich and famous. The singer’s popularity got bigger, and her star shone brighter while her husband had to stay on the sidelines for most of the time. After being together for seven years, the couple decided to separate.

Even though Adele’s and Simon’s marriage didn’t work out, both parties are committed to co-parenting and raising their boy together. Angelo has now become the Hello singer’s sole focus and purpose in life. A close friend even mentioned that Adele is very involved with his school and online classes. She loves her mom’s life. The musician’s whole mindset changed after she decided she wanted to be a healthier mom, and she never looked back.”

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