Are you in a hurry? Are you too preoccupied? Or maybe you’re going on a trip? Or perhaps you’re just not in the mood to cook? Well, we have a solution for whatever the cause might be. These simple keto no-cook meals are ideal for days when even the smallest amount of time spent in front of the stove feels excessive.

Here are some of the most top-rated recipes that you can make in record time. However, there is one thing to bear in mind. When purchasing ready-to-eat foods, read the labels carefully since certain items can contain sugars and starches. Your health is an investment, after all. So you definitely do not want to put the most unhealthy ingredient into your body.

While a low-carb diet has many health benefits, you can find it challenging to come up with menu ideas that blend into your busy schedule. It’s simple to make delicious, low-carb meals that take less than 10 minutes to prepare, even though you’re not the most adventurous cook in the kitchen and only have a few ingredients on hand. Many of the recipes are low-carb and suitable for weight loss.

We don’t have much time, but we do want to eat good and tasty meals. We’ve compiled a list of delicious keto recipes for lunch and dinner that you can cook or prepare in 10 minutes or less. Find your favorite and eat it over and over again, depending on how much time you have, or search our entire menu for fresh and exciting recipes.

Fried Eggs and Vegetables in Coconut Oil

Turn up the heat on your frying pan and add the coconut oil. Mix with the herbs. However, if you’re using a frozen blend, allow the vegetables to thaw in the sun for a few minutes.

Then mix in 3-4 eggs seasoned with spices, like a mixture or only salt and pepper. Mix in the spinach (optional). Stir-fry when finished. Simple right? You won’t even need loans to maintain this type of meal.

Grilled Chicken Wings with Salad and Greens

To make this next dish, you need to rub the chicken wings in your preferred seasoning mix.

Place them in the oven and bake for 40 minutes at 360–395 degrees Fahrenheit (180–200 degrees Celsius). Grill the wings until they are brown and crunchy. Serve with salads and salsa on the side. Voila!

Ground Beef With Sliced Bell Peppers

To start, chop the onion finely, then switch up the flame on a pan of coconut oil. Stir in the onion for a minute or two. Mix with the ground beef seasoned with spices, like a mixture or only salt and pepper. Mix in the spinach with some black pepper and chili powder to taste if you want to spice it up—Stir-fry before ready to eat, garnished with a dash of sliced bell pepper. You wouldn’t regret swiping your credit card at the supermarket for this one!

Bunless Cheeseburgers

For these bunless cheeseburgers, combine the hamburger patties and herbs in a mixing bowl. Then in a heated plate of butter, flip the patties until almost finished. Cover with a few slices of cheddar and cream cheese and reduce the heat to a low degree, and cover the pan with a lid until the cheese melts. Garnish with raw spinach. If you like, you can drizzle some of the pan fat over your greens. Add some salsa to the burgers to make them much juicier.

Meatza — Meat-Based ‘Pizza’

Lastly, for the “Meatza,” you’ll need to chop the onions finely and carve some of the bacon into thin strips. In the bottom of a baking bowl, combine the ground beef, salsa, tomato, spices, and garlic powder. Fill with more bacon strips and shredded cheese. Place in the oven for 30–40 minutes, or until the bacon and cheese is crispy, at 360–395 degrees Fahrenheit (180–200°C).