Dealing with illness and stopping the spread of germs is almost an impossible task for us parents. Teaching our kids some important health habits, however, can help prevent diseases.
While we can’t promise a symptom-free year-round for them, these mom-pediatricians have a lot of stay-healthy secrets that will help keep our entire family from paying hefty medical bills and insurance.
Here are some pediatrician-approved tips on how to keep our kids healthy.

Wash hands frequently

Every single mom-pediatrician encourages her kids to wash their hands regularly. These doctors emphasized the importance of washing hands after using the bathroom, sneezing, coughing, or blowing the nose, playing with or touching pets and animals, and of course, before meals.
Little kids and even teenagers need lots of reminders, but all the gentle nudges toward the sink definitely go a long way. Hand washing is the best and number one investment in preventing the spread of germs.

Give a daily probiotic

Probiotics are yeasts and live bacteria that are good for health, specifically our digestive system. They’re often called good bacteria because they keep the gut healthy. A recent study suggests a link between the immune system and probiotics, so Dr. Znidarsic gives her children a probiotic gummy daily to help support their immune system health. She also said that she doubles the daily dose if she starts to notice symptoms in her kids.

Offer healthy meals and snacks

Josie Znidarsic, a family physician, talks about how a healthy diet is the bedrock of optimum health. She offers her two daughters lots of vegetables and fruits and limits their exposure to sugar. “A healthy diet should be your foundation,” she says. She also added that a terrible diet could compromise immune health.
If your kids are bored of their fruits and veggies, you can check out some online classes for healthy and fun recipes so they can enjoy eating their healthy meals.

Don’t ban junk food

Yes, you read that right. Dr. Katja Rowell routinely allows less-than-healthy foods for her kids. She said she and her kids enjoy eating Cheetos along with homemade stir-fry and Brussels sprouts. Her reason? Kids end up craving junk foods when they are forbidden. She emphasized that banning these foods can set them up for eating issues later in life. She clarified, however, to allow them to enjoy these snacks occasionally and to a considerable degree.

Encourage imaginative play and exercise

Physical inactivity is a substantial cause of childhood illness and obesity, so Dr. Jean Moorjani encourages play by instituting “tech-free time” once the kids’ homework is completed. She also frequently motivates her two children to play out of the house. She said that she and her kids go outside their house at least once a day if the weather cooperates. Not only does exercise or activity gas up the kids’ physical health, but also their emotional and mental health. Playing outdoors can be an avenue for “family time” as well.

Insist on sleep

Children who are sleep-deprived are more susceptible to viruses and germs. Dr. Znidarsic is “pretty regimented” when it comes to her kids’ sleep schedule. She also discusses the importance of sleep to her children and having good sleep habits. The mom-pediatrician explains that sleep is how the body repairs and restores itself.

Keep vaccinations up to date

Dr. Moorjani said that she explains to her kids how vaccines protect us from diseases that make us very sick. She and her husband also become role models for their kids by taking their annual flu shot. Keeping vaccinations up to date is an investment every parent should have to keep their children healthy.